Our know how ensures that our on board sensors are designed to meet the most extreme environments.


LVDT Sensors

The fly-by-wire concept is systematically adopted by new programmes to take advantage of the numerous advantages of electric flight controls.
Our various types of sensors are particularly suitable for :

  • Servo-control applications to major actuator position (SV, EHA, EBHA et EMA)
  • Mode detection
  • DeltaP
  • Servo-valves and engine servo-mechanisms (VBV – lowspeed electric vehicle)

Accelerometers, gyrometers and inertial systems

Meggitt Sensorex is a leading supplier of sold-state inertials systemes for aerospace, defense and railway applications.
Our cost effective solutions offer a unique combinataion of rugged MEMS gyros and accelerometers or FOG Gyros.

Hybrids circuits and embedded elctronics

  • On-board electronic control units for aeronautical applications : Relays, timmer
  • Signal conditioners for displacement, strain-gauge, force, torque, pressure sensors
  • Engine control, oil level, Lightening protection



  • Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321, A340-500/600, A380, A350, A400M
  • C series
  • Eurocopter NH90
  • Dassault F7x, Falcon 2000, Rafale
  • Ariane 5



DO160, DO178, DO254, ABD100, MIL STD 883, MIL HDBK 217