(IS) SX41170 series

Single axis submersible servo-inclinometer

Utilization range

  • In surface industries
  • In permanent presence of gaseous explosive atmosphere
  • With the gas listed in subdivisions IIA, IIB, IIC (IIC : only for voltage output servo-inclinometers)



Ex ia IIB or IIC T5 or T4


(IS) SX41170 is a single axis servo-inclinometer needing a continuous power supply and delivering either an analog current output or an analog voltage output, proportional to the sine of inclination.

It can have either a radial or an axial connector output.

This servo-inclinometer is particularly appropriate for hard environment applications. Its floated sensitive element allows it to withstand against high vibration and shock levels.

Its mechanical design allows it to resist to 100 bar external pressure.

Besides, its electronic circuit is designed to be insensitive to electro-magnetic perturbations.




  • LNG ship pitch and roll measurements
  • Offshore platform stabilization
  • Gas turbine positioning

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