(IS) SX41600 series

Twin axis submersible servo-inclinometer

Utilization range

  • In surface industries
  • In permanent presence of gaseous (zone 0) or dusty (zone 20) explosive atmosphere
  • With the gas listed in subdivisions IIB or IIC


Ex ia IIB or IIC T6…T4/ Ex t IIIC T130°C



(IS) SX41600 twin axis submersible servo-inclinometer technology is identical to the one of SX41200 servo-inclinometer.

It is a continuous power supply inclinometer, with a 4-20mA analog output, proportional to the sine of inclination.

Measurement range is the same on both axis.

This servo-inclinometer is particularly appropriate for hard environment applications. Its floated sensitive element allows it to withstand against high vibration and shock levels.

Besides, its electronic circuit is designed to be insensitive to electro-magnetic perturbations.

It has a rugged 904L stainless steel box, a submersible connector, and is delivered with a male plug and 2 meter cable.


  • LNG ship pitch and roll measurements
  • Offshore platform stabilization
  • Gas turbine positioning

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